Here you can find an introduction to Zaps, how to use them and why you should use them.


MizuZap is a simple and convenient tool that allows you to switch from a single asset to an LP token in one click, as well as Token to Token conversion, Native to Token and vice versa (like a regular swap) or remove liquidity (ZapOut). With this tool, you can quickly and easily add and remove liquidity to any UniswapV2 based DEX without having to manually convert the assets. Supported DEXs include Uniswap, Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, TraderJoe, QuickSwap and more.


  • Works with any compatible UniswapV2 Router

  • LP tokens don't have to be listed in order to ZapIn to the LP in 1 click

  • No fees charged on Zaps other than gas fees and DEXs fees

  • BNB => Token | BNB => LP | Token => Token | Token => LP | Token => BNB | LP => Assets.

How to use Zaps

Using MizuZap is as easy as making a swap. All you need to do is select a router, select the asset you want to convert and the asset you want to convert it to, then click the “Zap” button. Your assets will be automatically converted and added as liquidity to the router if you choose and LP as output, otherwise you will get them in your wallet just like any other swap. It’s that simple!


No extra fees are applied by the MizuZap smart contract, beyond those charged by decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Why use Zaps

Zaps are a great way to quickly and easily add liquidity to any UniswapV2 based pairs. They also allow you to purchase LP Bonds starting from a single asset that is not the Bond PayIn token using the ZapToBond module.

Deployments Address List


Ethereum Mainnet

Coming Soon

BSC Mainnet

Coming Soon

Avalnache C-Chain

Coming Soon

Polygon Mainnet

Coming Soon

Fantom Mainnet

Coming Soon

If you are a developer trying to build using our Zap smart contract, if you want to become our partner, or if you want to have your token listed on our Dapp, please contact us here.

We hope you find this documentation helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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