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Learn how to create your custom Defi Bonds with ease thanks to MizuBondFactory

MizuBondFactory Contracts

MizuBondFactory is a permissionless smart contract that enables anyone to create a decentralized finance (DeFi) bond for their project. All you need to do is pass some arguments to the factory and your custom contracts will be live on your chosen EVM chain. It is compatible with any standard ERC20 token as PayIn and PayOut tokens, and can be used with any UniswapV2-like pair to create liquidity bonds by using the LP token as PayIn Token.

How to Create Your Bond Contracts

This is how you will be able to easily create your bonds once everything will be deployed.

  1. Deploy Bond, Treasury and Calculator from MizuBondFactory using our Dapp

  2. Initialize the contracts by setting up the Bond terms (more info soon)

  3. Promote your bond by sharing your bond page on Mizu Dapp or creating a custom Bond page with our community interface (coming soon)

  4. Become a verified partner to display your bonds on our dapp homepage for more exposure.

  5. Now you can start benefiting from protocol owned liquidity and a diversified treasury.

Become Partner

To get listed, submit a form, and for help, contact "partners [at] mizu.fi".

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